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KONJUNGATE featured on

Konjungate’s recent feature on lead to some solid buys of the virtual currency and broader knowledge about the projects mission. Link to article KONJUNGATE is enfolding a modern ecosystem for the art market. This will help artists to get sustainable, recurring funding and assert their rights when deploying their digital artworks to the market…

Blockchain - Konjungate - News

KONJUNGATE mentioned in „The History of Automatic Writing“

Mention in The History of Automatic Writing from the Surrealists to AI Writing into the Future article on Link to article The tradition of automatic writing waned in popularity over the following decades, with one noted entry. In 1999 multimedia artist and author, Michael Mastrototaro, known as “Mastro,” wrote a prescient cyber novel entitled…

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KONJUNGATE to host a funding table at Resources Mobilisation Digithon – RMD 2021

RMD2021 is the manifestation of a reserved and unyielding engagement of the CFW in defending and supporting its cause in mobilizing resources for the Arts and culture sector around the globe.

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Curator Jing Yi Teo interrogates artist Michael Mastrototaro on Konjungate

Curator Jing Yi Teo interrogates artist Michael Mastrototaro on his prescient cyber novel and how a fictional stone evolved into a cryptocurrency. Read the full interview on So Far.

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Presentation of KONJUNGATE @ PIKSEL We are very happy to announce that Michael Mastrototaro will present KONJUNGATE at PIKSEL19 media art festival in Bergen, Norway! The festival takes place from 21.11. – 24.11. and i will be in Bergen during the festival days. If you are around give me a note to get in touch…

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Presentation of KONJUNGATE

Presentation of KONJUNGATE 07.10.2019 Where: Kultur in Graz – Saal 2, Lagergasse 98a, 8020 Graz / Austria / Europe When :: Monday, 7. October 2019 What time :: 8pm CET Blockchain Worklap: from 07.10 – 12.10.2019 More info about (in german)