KONJUNGATE mentioned in „The History of Automatic Writing“

  • Februar 2, 2021

Mention in The History of Automatic Writing from the Surrealists to AI Writing into the Future article on wendy.network:

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The tradition of automatic writing waned in popularity over the following decades, with one noted entry. In 1999 multimedia artist and author, Michael Mastrototaro, known as “Mastro,” wrote a prescient cyber novel entitled Machfeld, largely using surrealist automatic writing techniques. The novel foreshadowed the mining of an alternative currency in the form of a precious stone called “Konjungate,” and featured a main character named “Satoshi Nakamoto.” It quickly became an underground favorite among cyberpunks and the avant garde.

Was this 90s novel by automatic writing tapping into the collective unconscious of the future? Had its author connected through pure creative expression to a deep yearning for meaning and value to be continued in a seeming non sequitur a decade later in 2009 with the birth of Bitcoin by its anonymous inventor coincidentally by his main character’s name “Satoshi Nakamoto“? Those curious to learn more may want to visit wendy.networkfor more insights.



Image on top by Comfreak from Pixabay

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