Name: Konjungate
Ticker: KONJ
Type: PoW + Masternodes
Algorithm: neoscrypt (Dark Gravity Wave)

Total Coin Supply: 21 billion
Block Reward: 1000 KONJ, Decreasing by 11% every 2 years
Reward Distribution: 65% MN – 10% POW, 25% charity
Block Time: 2 Min.
Masternode Collateral: 600.000 KONJ
Block Size: 1MB

Premine 1,25 % (for artist/foundation/institutional funding, art-buying, media-art installations)

80% of the premined coins will be used as a gift for artists (in form of calls, scholarships, art-institutions like museums and the MACHFELD-Foundation.

20% for Markting & Development.

The MACHFELD-Foundation (in establishment) is setup as a legal entity.
So the premined coins are not going to a single person. It is also a booster for the international art-scene. And it will stabilize the token price during art-buyings.